Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blessings upon Blessings

We spoke with our home study case worker this week. We are waiting on our background checks to come back then we will be able to schedule our home visits. We have been busy preparing our house for this. This includes a lot of deep cleaning, organizing, and baby proofing. The paperwork that we requested prayers for last week is almost completed. We are just waiting to get 2 references back and our vet records. One of our puppies has a vet appointment tomorrow to get there semiannual shots and then we will be able to get the updated shot records.

This weekend we were blessed by several people who bought puzzle pieces and t-shirts. We are less than $500 from our December goal. This is a huge blessing because that means that after our home study is complete we will be able to sign on with our consultant group and start filling out our agency paperwork. This is such a big deal because we are looking at applying for several adoption grants that require a completed home study. They also ask about our agencies, so this will allow us to completely fill out the application and have a better chance at getting the grants. We are so so thankful for everyone that has helped us get to this point! Every little bit makes a huge difference.

We still have our puzzle fundraiser going on. We have sold around 70 pieces. They are $20 per piece and when a piece is purchased the name of the purchaser goes on the back of the piece. We plan to frame the puzzle and hang it in the nursery so that our baby will always be able to see how many people helped to bring them home. See more about this under the puzzle fundraiser tab. https://www.youcaring.com/dunnam-family-653804

We have sold 11 T-shirts!! This is awesome! We would like for everyone that is local that bought a t-shirt to take a picture with us and our future baby when we bring him/her home. We would like everyone that isn't local to send us a picture of you wearing your shirt so that we can create a collage. This fundraiser still has 12 days left if you would like to purchase a shirt. There are 4 different options of the t-shirts. See more about this under the T-shirt fundraiser tab. https://www.bonfire.com/dunnam-adoption/

Prayer Requests:
-The home study process to go smoothly and be completed by December 1st (This will be a difficult time frame so prayers for this would be so appreciated)
-Our grant applications to make it to the top of the list once completed
-Our future birth family and guidance for them in there decision making- They could be making some big decisions now about the baby, or it could be months before the baby exists, but we want to continue to keep them in our prayers. God knows who they are even if we don't yet.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Crazy Week

This has been a crazy week in our adoption journey. We received our phase 2 packet in the mail on Saturday. This consists of medical forms for our doctors to fill out, financial statements, references, insurance papers to fill out, lists of what all we need to have copies of, and a list of things the social worker will check in our house when she visits. Monday we were told they were having a hard time finding a social worker to complete our home study in our area. They were able to find one that can do our visits the beginning of November. She will be traveling and completing our visits in back to back days. Because of this we had to pay an extra fee for traveling expenses. That gives us roughly two week to get our forms all completed and back to us as well as our house baby proofed and completely ready for the home study. 


We have released our T-shirt fundraiser in hopes to be able to still pay our consulting fee in the beginning of December after unexpected fees this week. We are about $1500 short on being able to pay our consulting fee now. We ask that you join us in prayer that God would continue to provide these funds. 

Our t-shirt fundraiser is through Bonfire Funds. This company prints and ships all the shirts that we sell and we get a profit from each shirt. We created the design and set our goal of how many we would like to sell. The shirts design really speaks to our desires through the adoption process.  We are stepping out in faith and trusting God to provide. We are waiting with hope to be chosen by an expectant birth mother. We hope to love everyone throughout the process BIG. There are four different options to choose from when buying the shirts. There is a unisex t-shirt, you t-shirt, v-neck t-shirt, and a long sleeve t-shirt. The prices range from $20-$30. There is a page at the top titled T-shirt fundraiser through Bonfire Funds that has the link to purchase the shirts but in case you can't find it the link is https://www.bonfire.com/dunnam-adoption/. It will be open until November 6th, 2016. 


We want to thank each person that has supported us in some way, either through prayer or financial support, you are all helping us bring baby D home. 

Prayer Requests:
-Everyone we have to talk to and get to fill out papers would all be willing to get it done sometime in the next two weeks. 
-Funds: We are praying to have the funds to pay the consultant fee by December. 
-The home study process to go smoothly.
-Our future child and birth family.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A nursery for the future baby D

This past weekend, we spent our time preparing a nursery. Well what we have for it so far atleast! We have spoke about this briefly in previous posts. I plan on sharing all the photos of what we have done so far. The room we will be using for a nursery was originally a dark brown and light tan color. We wanted to paint it a gender neutral color that kept the room bright. We chose Breaktime by Sherwin Williams (SW6463). The pictures really don't do the color justice. It is a light mint color.
Breaktime (SW6463)

We also repainted the dresser and chest of drawers. They were originally two different color grays and the dresser had a black top and frame. We didn't like the black and wanted them to match so we decided to repaint them. We used Driftwood from Rethunk Junk by Laura to repaint them. After that I used a dark glaze to add some extra color in. I used Peacock Feather from Rethunk Junk by Laura on the handles and coated that with Pearl also from Rethunk Junk. I love the way the two pieces turned out for the nursery.
This is what they looked like when we bought them.

What the drawers looked like after the glaze and peacock feather handles

the finished dresser
I have already posted the next set of pictures but since it's part of the nursery I will post it here as well.  

I talked about this paint in my last post but seriously it is the best paint! It is so easy to use and is really hassle free.  

So last night we moved the painted furniture into the nursery and this is what it looks like right now. There are no decorations on the walls or a crib yet but this is what we have so far. 


 Last week we mailed our home study and should hear from our caseworker to set our interviews sometime this week. Now we are in major saving/fundraising mode. We have one really important goal and then a major goal that will happen right after that. We need about $2500 more in our savings account before we can sign on with our consultant group and start preparing our agency paperwork. Once we are signed on with our agencies we will have to have about 50% of our funds in our savings account (about 15k-20k) to be active. As soon as we are signed on with our agency and have our home study complete we will begin preparing grant applications. Active means that they can present our profiles to birth families for us to potentially be chosen. 

We still have our puzzle fundraiser going. We have sold about 15 pieces of our puzzle so there are still a lot remaining. To "adopt" a puzzle piece make a $20 donation (per piece) to our youcaring account or email me for our address. Any little bit will help us be able to bring baby D home. This will be an ongoing fundraiser until all the pieces are "adopted". Visit the puzzle fundraiser page for more information. http://adventurestobabyd.blogspot.com/p/puzzle-fundraiser.html

Our next fundraiser will be released soon. We plan for it to be a t-shirt fundraiser if everything works out. Keep an eye on the support page of the blog for more information. http://adventurestobabyd.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html

Prayer Requests:
-Please pray for the home study process. At the end of this process they will either qualify us to have a child in our home or not. Pray that we have peace throughout the process and that it goes quickly. 
-Pray that God would continue to provide the funds we need to move forward.