Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Home Study: DONE!!

We had our home study visits this past weekend. Saturday afternoon we did the home tour and our interview together. Sunday we each had separate interviews. We loved our social worker! She answered any questions we had and just gave us a lot of useful information in general. The best part is she told us before she left that pending FBI clearance we are APPROVED! This means we have one more step down in the process. 

We also ordered our first copy of our profile book this week! We should receive that in the mail by Monday. If everything looks good on it, we will order 25 more of them to send in with our home study to the agencies. 

Our hope is that we can send everything in by the middle of December. This would allow us to focus on celebrating Christmas and New Years with our families without stressing about applications (although I'm sure there will be other stresses!). Once we send everything in we will be ready to start presenting to birth families. The only thing about presenting to a situation is that we either need to have the funds on hand or know where we could get them within 24 hours. Most agencies require you to pay a lump sum of money when you are matched and then again at placement. This means that we need to have an idea of where that money will come from!

We know we can't do this by ourselves so we want to thank everyone that has helped us prepare to bring Baby D home. We will be sending in grant applications as soon as we receive our official home study report. We will also be looking in to interest free adoption loans as a last resort. Also, keep an eye out for additional fundraisers we will have. Right now we have baby bottles that you can get from us to fill up with any spare change you have. The bottles will be due back to us by December 31st. Please be praying that we will receive some type of funding, whether it be grants or loans, to help us with the adoption costs.

We received our t-shirts from our Bonfire Funds T-shirt Fundraiser this week! We love them! We are thinking about releasing them again because we have had many people ask about them. Let me know if you'd be interested in this. 

Prayer Requests:
-We are still waiting on our FBI Clearances: please be in prayer for these to come in soon
-Please be in prayer for our discernment when picking out agencies to apply to
-Please be in prayer for God to continue to bless this adoption financially
-Please be in prayer for our future child and birth family

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Home Study week!

This week we have our home study visits! Please continue to pray that they go smoothly! Please also continue to pray that we receive our FBI Clearances back by Friday, November 18th as this would really help with the home study process.

This weekend we took new family pictures so that we could use them in our profile book. They turned out so good! I will make a page so that you can view more of them if you'd like! http://adventurestobabyd.blogspot.com/p/family-pictures-fall-2016.html

We have been busy reviewing all kinds of adoption information and are excited to move to the next step of the process. If our home study is approved (praying it will be!) the next step of the adoption requires us to have funds in place or have a plan of how to get the funds quickly (in some cases, within 24 hours). This step will be singing on with our agencies and then waiting on situations to present to. We can't present to a situation unless our funds are there or we have plan of how to get the funds quickly. We will be doing everything we can to get the funds, We have grant applications ready to submit as soon as we get our home study report back (assuming we are approved!). This being said, we can't do it without support from others and prayer!

We have been discussing a few fundraising ideas and the two that are in the works right now are opening an Etsy shop (more on this later) and a bottle fundraiser. The way the last one would work is we would purchase some bottles and hand them out to people. The goal would be to fill the bottle with change (or bills) and return it back to us! This is something that would even be fun for kids! Each person who fills a bottle and returns it to us will get their name on a puzzle piece!

We also plan to release our T-shirt fundraiser again sometime towards the end of the month or the beginning of December!

Prayer Requests:
-Our upcoming home study visits go smoothly
-funds to fall into place to be able to move forward in the process
-Our future birth family
-Our background checks to come back by November 18th!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We have dates for our home study!

We are officially set to have our home study visits on November 19th & 20th. We still don't have our FBI clearances in yet. They would ideally like to have these in before proceeding with the home visits but are going to try to make it work so that we don't run into having to do our home visits during Thanksgiving and Christmas. We are praying for the FBI clearances to come in before next Friday November 18th!

We have officially mailed our application for our consultant group. We hope to be approved and began working with Christian Adoption Consultants.The link to their website is http://www.christianadoptionconsultants.com/ They use a multi-agency approach, meaning they will help us apply to multiple agencies in adoption friendly states that they have built relationships with. This will hopefully shorten our wait time as we will be able to present through several agencies instead of just one agency. This was a step in our adoption process that we were really excited to take.

We finished our t-shirt fundraiser. THANK YOU to everyone that purchased one! We sold 26 t-shirts and raised around $336 for our adoption. We can't wait to see everyone wear their shirts once they start arriving. We have also sold more puzzle pieces. We have sold 85 pieces of our puzzle. The puzzle has been hung up in our Nursery now as well. Our next goal is to raise/save half of our funds so that we can become an active family (roughly $15,000).

This weekend we bought a few baby items that were on clearance at various places. It made us so excited to make those few small purchases. We can't wait to have a baby in our home.

For my birthday my family got me a car seat and stroller.  We have had to put the car seat canopy on the car seat to keep our dog from sitting in the car seat! 

We officially have almost everything that would be absolutely necessary to bring a baby home if we got an urgent phone call. We just need a few small things like crib sheets, and a few more outfits and bottles. 

Prayer Requests:
-FBI Clearances to come back by next Friday November 18th
-Our home study visits to go smoothly
-Our CAC application to get there so we can begin that process
-God to continue to provide the funds we need to continue

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

We have all of our nursery furniture and a new home study update!

It is National Adoption Awareness Month!

We bought our crib and it finally came in this week! We bought it online from Target. It is the Fisher-Price Newbury 4-in-1 Convertible Crib in Vintage Gray. The link is http://www.target.com/p/fisher-price-newbury-4-in-1-convertible-crib-vintage-gray/-/a-50627424. We love the way it turned out in the nursery.

As you can see in the picture, We have finished putting together the puzzle. We have sold around 85 pieces now. 

We also still have our t-shirt fundraiser going on for 5 more days. We have sold 18 shirts. We would love for you to consider purchasing one. We would like to get a picture of you wearing your purchased shirt if you are not local so that we can make a collage of the pictures to frame and hang up. If you are local we want to get a picture of everyone in their shirts with the baby once we bring him/her home. 

Through the shirt collages and puzzle pieces, we hope to always be able to show our future child how many people love them and helped to bring them home. 

We are very close to hitting our goal to pay for our consultants. We needed around $2500 and we are about $300 short of that goal. The t-shirt fundraiser has raised around $200 of that as of today with 18 shirts having been purchased.

The only thing we are waiting on to do our home study visits is our background checks to come back. Our social worker will be traveling from about 6 hours away so we need those to come in before our interviews and home tour. If you would, please be praying for those to come in as soon as possible. We need to have our home study completed and the report back to us by December. 

Prayer Requests:
-Our background checks to come back ASAP
-Our home study to be completed by December
-Our future birth family and future child
-Everyone that is in the adoption process right now. We became a part of this community when we announced our adoption and it truly is a community that cares for each other.