Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Moving Mountains!

Yesterday at the end of our blog post I added these lyrics:
"But God when You choose to leave mountains unmovable, give me the strength to be able to sing it is well with my soul"

At the time that I posted the blog post I was sure that God wasn't going to move the mountains we desired for him to move as it wasn't a part of His plan. However, God did move those specific mountains and it is so cool to see how His plan unfolds.

If you have talked to one of us in the last 24 hours you know that we had a specific prayer request. We prayed that if we heard a no from one situation that God would move mountains and allow us to present to another one we had heard about during our wait. There were a lot of obstacles involved as you can't present to two situations at one time and the sweet birth momma from the first situation had yet to pick a family on the day they were presenting profiles to the birth momma of the second situation! Well God moved those mountains, and even though we heard a no from the first birth momma (I knew in my heart, that we would hear no from this birth momma), he made a way for us to present to the other sweet birth momma. This was an answer to so many prayers.  He has moved mountains to get us this far and and we are asking for peace and guidance for the next few days! Sometimes the adoption world seems so crazy! We hear no for one situation and then God moves mountains to allow us to present to another situation all within 24 hours. It can certainly be an emotional whirlwind! We are asking for prayers for this sweet birth momma as we wait to hear about her decision! We are praying so hard that this sweet birth momma falls in love with our family and desires for us to parent the baby she is carrying. We know that God has a plan and a baby already set for our family!

Even if this doesn't end up being our baby, I want to document this to remember that God was with us through every step moving the mountains to lead us to our little one.

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