Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Countdown is on!

Adoption Update:
 If you haven't read our "Matched" blog post you should go read it! We have been matched with mama "A" who is expecting a baby in about two weeks!! We had our first contact with mama A this week and she was so sweet and really loves the baby she is carrying and has such a strong desire to do what she thinks is right for the baby. We have loaded the base for the car seat into the car as well as the stroller and bassinet that we plan to fly with. We also had a huge blessing this week. We had a family member offer to donate breast milk she has pumped to us! This is such a blessing to us because we weren't able to care for the baby for the last nine months so we want to be able to do anything we can to care for the baby's health now. God worked in the details in this too and provided in perfect timing. Her parents are coming from GA to AR to visit at the end of the month and are going to bring it with them. If you or someone you know has an excess supply of pumped milk we would love to talk with them about donating it to us to feed sweet baby!

Travel Update:
We have had our flights gifted to us. Our plan is currently to drive back! So we will only need a rental car for 1 or 2 days now!

We requested that you pray with us about our travel. We needed to find a place to stay for about 2 weeks that wouldn't break the bank. We have been offered 1 night in a hotel close to the hospital and one week, maybe two, through RCI for $300/week. As long as there is a place available this is what we plan to do. We are currently looking at flights (we do not have a set date though and wont until the day of) and we plan to fly with Southwest. If you have any rapid rewards points that you'd be willing to donate please let us know. Southwest will let you gift them or transfer them (I believe it costs $50) to us.

We are still having issues with finding a rental car for a decent price. We are both 24 and won't be 25 until after the baby is born so it is making booking a rental car difficult. Let us know if you have any tips!

Fundraising Update:
Our yard sale raised $1452.55! Our LuLaRoe fundraiser raised $930.50! Our auction raised $1841.00. You guys that means in less than a month we raised $4224.05! We have reached 55% of our ultimate goal of $30,000 (yes, God is good and it is lower than anticipated!). We still have a ways to go but are so thankful for everyone that has supported us so far.  The remainder of our fees will be due once papers have been signed so pray with us that God provides over the next month! We still have several fundraisers going on but since baby is due in ONE MONTH!! we won't be planning any new fundraisers at this time besides our current t-shirt campaign!

1. T-shirts
We have relaunched our t-shirt fundraiser through Bonfire! This time we decided to release them in fun spring colors! 

2. 300 for $100
We have a page link that explains this more.  

3. Puzzle Fundraiser
We still have puzzle pieces for sale. It is $20 to adopt a piece but you can adopt as many as you want. We also have a page link that describes this in more detail. 

Ways you can help:
1.  Prayer!! I have posted a list of prayer requests below.
2. We are still short some of the funds that will be due at birth.You can make a tax deductible donation through our AdoptTogether website or through our Youcaring website. 
3. If you have unused gift cards for restaurants that you don't plan on using and would like to gift to us we would love to have them!
4. If you know how to get a rental car cheaper let us know!
5. We would also appreciate and travel tips you have for traveling with baby gear and a newborn. We will more than likely fly so that we can get there quick!

Prayer requests over the coming month:
1. Pray for mama "A" to have a peace about her decision. Pray for her heart.
2. Pray for God to guide us as we start to build a relationship with mama "A"
3. Please start praying now for our ICPC process. That it would go smooth and be quick so that we would be able to head home.
4. Pray for peace for us over the coming month! As exciting as this news is, there is also some anxiety with it. 
5. Pray that God would work out our travel details!
 6. Pray that God would continue to protect mama "A" and the sweet baby she is carrying.

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