Monday, April 3, 2017

We are MATCHED!!

Well, we got the most important phone call to date Friday afternoon! (3/31/17 @ 2:42pm CST). Sweet mama "A" picked us to be the parents of the sweet baby she is carrying! The baby is due May 10th! So we have around 36 days until the baby is here!! While we are pretty sure we know the gender we won't be announcing it until birth along with the name we have picked out! We will be traveling to Florida in a month and will most likely be there around 2 weeks. Once mama "A" (prayerfully) signs paperwork, we will be granted custody of the baby and then we will have to be approved by both states to cross state lines with the baby. This process is known as ICPC (Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children). It takes anywhere from 7-15 business days! 

We have had a blast telling our friends and family over the last several days and buying a few gender specific baby items. We chose to wait to make this post public until we had officially signed our match paperwork!

If you read the last blog post you know that God moved mountains to allow us to present to sweet mama "A". If you haven't read it yet you should go read it! You guys, God is Good!! We are so thankful and in utter amazement at the story we've been given so far. We had a few desires and prayer requests since beginning this process and God has so graciously answered those so far. It is so clear that this is where God desires us to be right now. We can't wait to see where God leads us in the coming months and how He continues to work in this amazing match! 

Ways you can help:
1.  Prayer!! I have posted a list of prayer requests below.
2. We are still short some of the funds that will be due at birth. We have an auction coming up this Thursday and Friday on Instagram if you'd like to support us by bidding on items. You can also make a tax deductible donation through our AdoptTogether website. 
3. If you have or know anyone that has airline miles that would go toward or buy an airline ticket that they would consider donating please let us know!
4. If you know anyone that has vacation property or a separate apartment at there house that they won't be staying in the first couple of weeks of May that they would like to donate or discount for us please let us know! 
5. If you know how to get a rental car cheaper let us know!
6. We would also appreciate and travel tips you have for traveling with baby gear and a newborn. We will more than likely fly so that we can get there quick!

Prayer requests over the coming month:
1. Pray for mama "A" to have a peace about her decision. Pray for her heart.
2. Pray for God to guide us as we start to build a relationship with mama "A"
3. Please start praying now for our ICPC process. That it would go smooth and be quick so that we would be able to head home.
4. Pray for peace for us over the coming month! As exciting as this news is, there is also some anxiety with it. 
5. Pray that God would work out our travel details! We need to be able to find a place to stay in FL with a kitchen, that won't be outrageous in price for a possibly 2 week stay.
6. Pray for us to have a peace about how to get to Florida. We could drive so that we have a car while there but the 16 hour drive back with a newborn seems like a lot. We could also fly and get a rental car there but that adds to our costs. 
7. Pray that God would continue to protect mama "A" and the sweet baby she is carrying.

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