Sunday, May 7, 2017

Our Adoption Story

We started our home study in October, and signed on with Christian Adoption Consultants in November. Our consultant was Leah Braly. By the middle of December we were home study approved and ready to send in our agency applications and profile books. We went active with most agencies/lawyers after the holidays were over. We received our first situation on January 4th. Over the course of the next two months we received about 20 situations. Many of those we didn't chose to present our profile to because we knew we weren't the family that baby and birth momma needed. We presented maybe 5 times including to Mama A who ultimately chose us to parent the sweet baby she was carrying. We matched with Mama A on March 31st. Our sweet baby girl was born on May 1st and we were able to see her the first time on May 4th.

How I know God writes the best stories:
1. I told my mom in January that I thought we would match through XYZ agency even through we were actively being presented through 6 or 7 different places. We ultimately matched through XYZ agency on March 31st which we only saw 2 situations through including our match the whole time we were active. 
2. We had prayed very specifically about what budget God desires for us to list on our CAC application and all agency applications that followed. We really felt that God desired for us to put $30,000 which is a lower budget for domestic infant adoption and we weren't sure it would actually happen. Our match ultimately ended up being $29,000. God is in all the details!
3. We both desired and prayed to have a baby girl but felt that God wanted us to trust him and put that we were open to either gender. We presented to both girls and boys as well as unknowns. Our situation We matched with was actually unknown until birth. But God knew what we needed and gave us our sweet baby girl. 
4. CAC allows you to present to only one expectant momma at a time. When we received our info about Mama A and an email asking us if we wanted our profile presented, we were already in the pool for another situation and knew that we wouldn't be able to present our profile to Mama A until we heard back from it. Even though we knew this I told my sister in law that I felt like Mama A was carrying our baby but if she was that God needed to move mountains to get us to her. 
5. We needed to hear back from the first situation by a certain time on a certain day in order to be able to present to Mama A. We actually heard back that the first expectant momma did not chose us several hours later than we needed to and knew that our opportunity had passed. However, I had been in contact with XYZ agency about how we wanted to be presented if the other expectant momma didn't chose us so we let them know that she hadn't chose us and that if there was any way they hadn't showed profiles yet we wanted to be presented to Mama A. I sent them our profile and a letter for mama A.
6. The agency emailed back the next day and said that unfortunately our email was to late and that they had already presented profiles to her. HOWEVER they were going to take our profile to her the next day and present it anyways. This was amazing news because they didn't have to do this after already showing her profiles and also so special because ours was being shown separately. This was Thursday March 30th.
7. My husband found out some good news at work on Friday March 31st and had sent me a message to let me know. I told him that the only thing that could make that Friday better would be a call from the agency letting us know that Mama A had chose us but that I didn't expect to hear anything until Monday at the earliest. The agency called about two hours later to let us know that Mama A had chose us! She loved the letter we wrote to her :) 

When God writes great stories Satan isn't far behind trying to discourage you.
1. On our flights to Florida the airline destroyed our baby gear which was in padded zippered bags. It looked like it had been ran over then ran over again. But God: our light landed 30 min before the baggage office closed so we were able to be reimbursed before we left the airport.
2. Our reservations in Jax were supposed to start on Thursday but baby girl wouldn't be discharged until Friday morning in a different town so we needed to get a hold of them and let them know we wouldn't be there until Friday so we weren't tagged as a no show and wouldn't loose our whole reservation. We tried all day and no one would pick up the phone. Turns out they had been struck by lightening and their whole system was down. But God: my aunt was able to fax them while we spent time with baby girl and we were able to keep our reservation and check in late.

I'd like to introduce you to our daughter Emersyn Ava. She was 9lbs 9oz and 21 inches long! She is a champion eater and sleeper! 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Baby is here!!

Mama A had baby yesterday May 1st at 8:02am! We are currently in route to FL and will arrive late tonight! We were able to change our flights and make travel plans for earlier. Because of this the costs are increasing! 

If you feel led to help us financially we have several ways you can do so. 

1. Donate through PayPal! This is the easiest way for us to receive financial help at this point. You would send it to

2. Check out Reborn Furnishings on Etsy! A portion of the proceeds over the next two weeks goes to our adoption. 

Please be praying for Mama A's heart and for baby! Pray for smooth travels for us as we make our way to baby! We will hopefully see baby on Thursday :)